MI5 Agents Can Commit Crime, Brit Government Reveals

Saoradh wish to again highlight the developments put in place for MI5 by the British government which allows the shadowy spy agency to carry out criminality in its entirety within the Occupied Six Counties and Britain itself.

A security tribunal, following a challenge by human rights groups, exposed the extent and legality of powers to commit crimes such as torture by British Military Intelligence.

Despite this recent revelation, Saoradh have consistently exposed this policy. We have always made it known that British policy on Irish soil has always been one of self-serving criminality and the murder of Irish people. The history of Britain here is common knowledge with no policy change.

Ironically, the MI5 website states “intelligence from our agents is critical to keeping the UK safe”.

Being Republicans we are more than aware of the role British Military Intelligence plays in the country of Ireland. While it is no surprise that British ministers have allowed agents of the state to carry out various forms of criminality, what has come as a surprise is the fact this has been made public.

Questions now need to be asked of pro-establishment parties and constitutional Nationalists who for over a decade have consistently backed the rebranded RUC in the guise of the PSNI, and MI5 after the signing of the St Andrews Agreement in 2006.

Annex E of the St Andrews Agreement states:

MI5 will strengthen the PSNI’s criminal intelligence capability. This is because PSNI officers will be co-located with Security Service personnel and will work in a variety of roles including as intelligence analysts/advisors and for the purpose of translating intelligence into executive action. These arrangements are designed precisely for the purpose of ensuring that intelligence is shared and properly directed within the PSNI. Integration of personnel in this way is an essential protection against concerns that some intelligence would not be visible to the PSNI.”

This is a clear indication that British Crown Forces in Occupied Ireland work hand in glove with MI5.

So, taking into account these recent developments that MI5 can commit criminality without repercussions, does this mean that British Crown Forces are also free to wreak havoc?

Saoradh will not be found wanting when it comes to exposing and highlighting the ongoing injustices of Crown Force personnel while others who are complacent and highly involved in thuggery and criminality themselves, bury their heads in the sand.

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