Junior McDaid House And Three Republican Homes Targeted By Crown Forces

The Revolutionary Hub, Junior McDaid House, has been targeted once again by British Crown Forces in a large invasion this morning (7th November).

Today’s raid on Junior McDaid House came at the same time as further raids on the family homes of three local Saoradh members where money saved for Christmas, Christmas presents, family phones, computers and children’s schoolwork have been taken despite bearing no relevance to the alleged offence of “misuse of a lottery” which in actual fact is a one-pound lotto that is decades old in support of Republican Prisoners and their dependents. In addition to this, one activist was detained and two others were given 7 days to present themselves at Strand Road Barracks for interrogation.

As local Republicans and members of our community made their way towards Junior McDaid House, and the homes of the Saoradh members being invaded this morning, colonial foot soldiers harassed and intimidated those offering assistance. Proof, as if it were needed, that British Crown Forces are intent on profiling and targeting working-class Republican communities.

Speaking out about the ongoing raids, Saoradh representative, Paddy Gallagher said “Since the inception of Saoradh a little over three years ago, the wider Republican family have come together in a united fashion with a rejuvenated and revitalised outlook for the future of Ireland, this has clearly worried the British establishment as they have stepped up their campaign of harassment. Today witnessed the invasion of the Saoradh National Headquarters again and three Saoradh members homes with a warrant dated 26th September, however Crown Forces waited until the mouth of Christmas to ransack family homes and seized money and presents in an attempt to thwart community activism and the support network for current Republican Prisoners and their dependents.

Gallagher continued “It is clear that our party headquarters, our party members and our support base are being actively targeted in a futile attempt to stop the public availing of the services we offer.”

It is no coincidence that as Saoradh are due to hold our Ard Fheis that our party headquarters is targeted in a raid by British Crown Forces in an attempt to disrupt our political ideology.

Attacks like this will do nothing to thwart Republican activism and will only harden our resolve.


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