The Death Of General Qassem Soleimani

Saoradh, the Revolutionary Socialist Republican Party, wish to express our outrage at the murder of General Qassem Soleimani by the forces of US imperialism. General Soleimani has been a key figure against the murderous expansionism of ISIS and its terrorist allies in the middle east. His death was greeted with sadness by various revolutionary socialist groupings in the middle east and throughout the world who understand well that his support for anti-imperialism has been unquestionable.

Socialism is an idea of human freedom, and thus it transcends all national boundaries. We support the forces favourable to socialism, and oppose those which are adverse to socialism, wherever they arise. At present the biggest threat to freedom is neoliberalism, imperialism, and western homogeny which bear the disease of ravenous capitalism. The key battleground for these ideas has been the oil-rich middle east. General Soleimani, and the forces surrounding him, have been the most effective blockage to the global homogeny of anti-freedom, neoliberal, capitalist forces.

The murder of General Soleimani has been no less than a deliberate effort by US imperialism and its allies to weaken resistance to their aggressive expansionism in the Middle East. General Soeimani was targeted by these forces as they are currently a wounded rat, cornered and lashing out, facing setbacks and challenges in Lebannon, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. His death was no doubt designed to weaken anti-imperialist forces which have been upsetting the goals of the capitalist elites who wish to expand their empires.

We wish to express our recognition of General Soleimani’s anti-imperialist role, and our objection to murderous capitalism, imperialism and neoliberalism.

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