Families of Republicans Targeted During Crown Force Raids

The Revolutionary Republican Party, Saoradh, wish to expose the ongoing harassment of Republican activists and their families.

This morning, a Saoradh Doire member was targeted by heavily armed and masked British Crown Force personnel as he travelled with his wife. During this, his wife was forcefully pushed against their family car multiple times before witnessing her husband being led away in handcuffs.

Simultaneously their family home, where their pregnant daughter, grandchild and two sons were residing faced a barrage of Crown Force personnel as their home was invaded.

During this raid on the family home, young children had to flee to neighbouring homes for safety as Crown Forces rampaged through the house.

In the midst of panic and confusion the two sons of the Republican activist were also detained. However, one of the sons, a 14 year old child with autism was subsequently beating by a number of thugs in British uniform before being hauled off in front of his onlooking mother.

Home invasions, raids, stop & searches are all common occurrences for Republicans, however in recent weeks there has been a notable increase in the targeting of family members. This is clearly a policy by British Crown Forces as they attempt to break Republicanism.

Many people may ask why raids like these happen. The truth of the matter regarding this raid and countless others over the past six to eight months is a voluntary one pound lotto to assist current Republican Prisoners.

The sheer fact that numerous armoured jeeps and cars convened to detain a Republican activist regarding a voluntary one pound lotto which helps towards assisting Republican Prisoners speaks volumes.

Meanwhile former Republicans, the Catholic Church, community groups and associations in many shapes and forms, use various lottos, draws, tickets and collections without a hint of Crown Force interference thus pointing directly to their compliance and acceptance of an occupying force.

The sole purpose of this targeting was to disrupt family life and cause tension, however the actions of this British force have only reaffirmed the strong traditionally held Republican beliefs of this family.

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