Saoradh Targeted In Co-ordinated MI5 Attacks

Once again the focus of the oppressor is Revolutionary Republicanism.

In what has clearly been a deliberate and coordinated MI5 led attack on Saoradh, a number of party members have been detained following heavy handed home invasions by British Crown Forces with further raids by Garda ERU this morning. At least one Saoradh member has been strip searched when hauled off to Musgrave Interrogation Unit.

Since the formation of Saoradh, the British and Free State governments have used an array of draconian measures to suppress the party. By targeting party members, their families and supporters, the oppressor has sought to bully the party out of existence. Today’s MI5 led operation which has witnessed the detainment of several members throughout Derry, Tyrone, Armagh and further raids in Dublin, Cork and Kerry is another example of targeted attacks in a futile attempt to stop the growth of our party.

Saoradh is not a proscribed organisation, we have as our means political agitation, mobilisation and grassroots activism. Since our formation in 2016 we have grown and we continue to grow. We have four public offices with more planned, each one open and accessible to the public. This harassment will not deter us.

What the state does today on Irish Republicans it will not hesitate to use tomorrow on the rest of society. You may not share our opinion, you may be diametrically opposed to it, as is your right, but you must understand that the denial of our rights today is the denial of your rights tomorrow.

The more Saoradh resists, the more pressure is applied. Likewise the more pressure that is applied, the more Saoradh will resist.

“It is not those who can inflict the most but those who can endure the most who will conquer.” – Terence MacSwiney

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