Saoradh Offices Targeted In Co-ordinated MI5 Raids

The Revolutionary Hubs of Saoradh across Occupied Ireland have been targeted by British Crown Forces in a large co-ordinated invasion today, with the endorsement of the SF/DUP led Stormont administration.

The raids, involving British Military Intelligence and TSG personnel, follows earlier raids on the homes of Saoradh activists in counties Derry, Armagh, Tyrone, Dublin, Cork, Kerry and Laois where family phones, computers, games consoles and children’s school work have been seized despite not being relevant to any supposed “crime”. The only crime those affected are guilty of is being Irish Republicans.

In addition to this, Saoradh activists have been under intense surveillance in recent weeks with an intensification of already abused powers to Stop and Search that the PSNI have at their disposal.

Since the formation of Saoradh, both the British and 26 County administrations in Ireland have directed an onslaught of harassment towards party members and supporters. This has culminated in another combined Crown Forces and British Military Intelligence raid on our party headquarters and other offices. It is clear that our party offices, our party members and our support base are being actively targeted in a futile attempt to remove Saoradh from communities in which we are visibly active.These Crown Forces activities, which follow encouragement most notably from Sinn Féin, the DUP and Alliance, will ultimately fail.

What is also noteworthy is the unbroken silence from certain other organisations at the State directed terror campaign against Saoradh members and their families. Certain Republican organisations, those who purport to be left wing, trade unions and human rights organisations that are usually and rightly so vocal regarding State repression in far off lands are strangely silent when similar oppression is inflicted at home.

Saoradh activists remain committed, dedicated, disciplined and prepared – regardless of the MI5-directed Crown Force and Gardaí attacks on our members. We are here to stay. To our enemies we once again state quite simply – “do your worst!”.

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