Saoradh Stands Firm

The imprisonment of the 9 Saoradh members and our Palestinian comrade as part of the ongoing attacks on the party should be opposed by all right thinking people and Republican organisations.

It is quite clear even at this early stage that this Crown Force operation utilised all the nefarious tactics Republicans have come to expect from the British, aided by their Free State allies.

Paid perjurors, manufactured evidence, circumstantial evidence, innuendo and “bad character” insinuations based on long standing involvement in Republican Struggle has resulted in the internment by remand of our comrades.

The story the usually compliant media will run with will be the usual sensationalist, Kitsonesque jargon. However genuine journalists may rightly ask the Free State administration have they changed policy and now openly permit MI5 and/or MI6 to operate within their supposed jurisdiction. The reality is that MI5 direct and control both the PSNI and the Gardaí, that is the real story here.

Saoradh will continue to integrate within working class areas and push our Republican activism onward.

Saoradh are proud of all our imprisoned comrades. We send our solidarity to them and their families. We call on all Republicans, Socialists and human rights activists who champion for free speech and free political choice to join our call for the immediate release of our comrades.

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