The Family of British Agent Dennis McFadden Speak Out

For the last number of days, the family of confirmed MI5 agent Dennis McFadden have been in constant contact with Saoradh.

This engagement has made it clear that McFadden, under the direction of his MI5 superiors, set out to entrap Republicans at the behest of the British Government. Since the entrapment case occurred this MI5 agent has contacted his family to admit what he is, sent his handlers to their doors and MI5 even attempted to kidnap them into “protective custody” – which they resisted and refused.

In open court it has been alluded to that McFadden organised, facilitated and financed meetings that involved prominent Republicans, including senior members of Saoradh. Also stated in court was how he cajoled and coerced our Palestinian comrade Dr Issam Hijjawi to leave his home. This was despite Dr Hijjawi refusing from the outset to attend any meeting.

It is the opinion of his immediate family that McFadden cares for no one but himself and the personal profit resulting from his actions. Not those who he has imprisoned in this dirty snare. Not their distraught family members who welcomed him into their homes as a friend. And not even his own family.

The McFadden family have freely stated to Saoradh that they are disgusted by the actions of their family member, someone who they want no further association with.

Just as our imprisoned comrades and their families are victims of the presence of MI5 in Occupied Ireland, so too has the family of Dennis McFadden been betrayed. Saoradh stands with them just as we stand with our comrades and their families here at home.

Through Saoradh and the Republican Movement, the McFadden family want to highlight the fact that they are now being haunted by MI5 on a daily basis, in order that the spooks can try to smother their latest operation in Britain’s dirty war. Saoradh would like to place on public record that the wider McFadden family should face no negativity, threats, coercion or any other recriminations from Republicans or others for the sins of their former family member.

The latest MI5 operation in Occupied Ireland prove that this is a security statelet that has MI5 at its core – directing the PSNI, judiciary, court system, PPS and other statutory bodies. It has also been publicly confirmed that they have stretched their tentacles into the neo-colonial 26 county regime, as they directed Gardaí raids on homes in Dublin, Laois, Kerry and Cork last week.

If any further proof was required that we are under occupation it is the latest dirty deed that was planned, directed and financed by a security agency of a foreign government. One deployed and facilitated by one of their agents. And all approved of by political parties such as Sinn Féin and the SDLP, who both agreed with MI5 being given “primacy” in the fight against Republicanism when they signed up to support the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in 2007 as part of the failed St Andrews Agreement.

Saoradh remain steadfast, committed and disciplined in the face of this latest attack on the party. We will not be censored, intimidated, harassed or imprisoned out of existence. The only tools left to be utilised against us by Britain since our formation in 2016 are political assassinations and shoot to kill. These are undoubtedly not too far away.

And they will be futile as well.

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