Solidarity To The People of Bolivia

Saoradh’s International Department send our full solidarity and support to the people of Bolivia and their indigenous president Evo Morales.

Once again the ugly head of US Imperialism raises, as a violent US backed right-wing coup has forced Evo Morales into exile in Mexico.

In a statement Morales made clear that his “responsibility as an indigenous president of all Bolivians is to prevent the coup-mongers from persecuting my trade unionist brothers and sisters, abusing and kidnapping their families, burning the homes of governors, of legislators, of city councilors… to prevent them from continuing to harass and persecute my indigenous brothers and sisters and the leaders and authorities” of the MAS (Movement towards Socialism, Morales’ political party).

A dedicated socialist leader, Morales, takes his inspiration from former Venezuelan revolutionary Hugo Chavez. The social movements in Latin America paved the way for change as Evo Morales emerged as a revolutionary socialist alternative.

Morales has helped to combat poverty and inequality while improving the living standards of millions of Indiginous people. Key industries were nationalised and for the first time the people of Bolivia lived above the poverty line.

A staunch opponent of corporate globalisation Evo Morales helped transform one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The indigenous led socialist revolution achieved what neoliberalism has repeatedly failed to do: redistribute wealth to society’s poorest and uplift those most deprived.

Indiginous and Labour groups have taken to the streets in protest to demand Morales is reinstated as President of Bolivia while Fascists paramilitaries, colluding with police and military, are also on the streets to violently quell them.

Protesters have been killed and masked mercenaries have begun to round up members and supporters of MAS, taking them away in trucks, while wrecking and ransacking homes.

Saoradh denounce this coup d’état and pledge our support and solidarity for Evo Morales and the Bolivian people.

“My sin was being indigenous, leftist, and anti-imperialist” – Evo Morales

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