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Boycott Apartheid Israel

Following on from our successful Ard Fheis in Newry on November 9th, Saoradh are pleased to announce the adoption of a number of motions that further strengthen our own revolutionary position and that will inform many of our campaigns going forward.

One such motion was our commitment to the on-going call to Boycott Israeli goods.

“This Ard Fheis should continue to highlight the Palestinian struggle and actively promote the boycotting of Israeli apartheid goods. The Irish people took this step before, where a mass boycotting of goods was instrumental in the dismantling of the South African apartheid state.”
Revolutionaries in Ireland take great pride that the term ‘to boycott’ originated here during social and agrariarian turmoil in the 1880s when the Land League and others used the shunning, isolation and ostracization of an English land agent Captain Boycott and his staff in their struggle for land rights.

Indeed Ireland has a rich heritage when it comes to elaborate and creative forms of resistance to injustice from the fasting protests of our ancient Brehon Laws up to the valiant stand of the Dunnes Stores Strikers against apartheid South Africa.

Ireland and Palestine both suffer under occupation and by supporting this modest effort we want to show our hand of friendship and solidarity to a people who endure daily oppression at the hands of the Israeli State.
Bobby Sands told us that everyone has a part to play in the struggle and these efforts should not be undervalued. Ask any Irish political prisoner how a card sent from abroad can lift the spirits and morale.

We in Saoradh pledge to inform and remind each other as comrades of our commitment to play our role in this international campaign and urge the wider community to support us doing so.

We are out for the national liberation of our country but in a current environment where a reactionary nationalism is rising globally we reiterate that we are internationalists and standby all oppressed people’s.

Ní neart go cur le chéile.

The website below for the Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Movement is useful to keep up to date with the campaign internationally:

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) below have a page that lists products commonly sold in Irish shops.


Bhí Saoradh ar aon dul lenar mbunreacht nuair a ghlac ár mballraíocht leis an rún thíos ag an Ard-Fheis in Iúr Chinn Trá mí seo chaite:
“Cuireann an Ard-Fheis a dlúthpháirtíocht le heagraíochtaí agus le gníomhaithe i nGluaiseacht na Gaeilge in iúl agus iad ag iarraidh ceart, soláthair agus seirbhísí as Gaeilge.”

Tá tuiscint maith ag Saoradh ar na deacrachtaí agus na dúshláin a bhíonn ag lucht na Gaeilge ó thuaidh agus ó theas. Dar linn, téann an streacailt ar son cearta teangan lámh in lámh leis an bhfeachtas ar son fuascailte náisiúnta agus sóisialachais.

Thosaigh Saoradh Átha Cliath ‘Guerrilla Gaeltachtaí’ sa phríomhchathair i rith na bliana ach bhíomar an-ghnóthach le gníomhachas eile le déanaí. Táimíd ag súil le bheith ar ais ag eagrú na Guerrilla Gaeltachtaí san úrbhliain. Leanagí an leathanach seo chun an nuacht is déanaí a fháil futhú.

Saoradh in line with its constitutional commitments passed the following proposal at our Ard Fheis last month:

“This Ard Fheis sends solidarity to organisations and activists in the Irish language movement that are striving to achieve increased rights, provision and access to services for Gaeilgeoirí”

Saoradh understand and have great sympathy with the difficulties and challenges faced by the Irish language community north and south. In our opinion language cannot be separated from the national question and social conditions.

The Irish language won’t get a fair deal under neo-liberalism or occupation. Emigration from the Gaeltacht areas due to years of neglect from the 26 County administration, racist and sectarian hostility in the 6 Counties, the murder machine education system all have to be challenged to give our language a chance to flourish.

In Dublin earlier in the year we started our Guerrilla Gaeltacht initiative which we will be restarting in the New Year where our activists meet in a different café or pub or setting to practice Irish with a particular focus on language we use in our everyday activism. Follow us on Faceboook to find out when they are on.


At last year’s Saoradh Ard Fheis it was proposed that a number of issues warranted conferences in which to debate the matter further.

Earlier this year Saoradh Áth Cliath hosted the conference on drugs misuse where a wide range of views and opinions, as one would expect, were thrashed out in a comradely manner.

We were lucky to have in our ranks members who had backgrounds in youth work, addiction services, community development and anti-drug activism and indeed those who experienced or witnessed addiction with friends and family, so all discussions were well-grounded in experience and theory.

Informing the discussion was the realisation that this can be an emotive issue, that we are a new party that cannot, and do not want to implement policy at this time in either failed jurisdiction. We also were wary of not wanting to adopt a reactionary position and of being realistic and clear in what we can say to our increasingly hard-pressed communities.

Saoradh are a political party but are fully aware of the damage anti-social behaviour caused by drugs can do and can understand when communities fight back against this menace, as we would if it was against slum landlords, dodgey bankers, crown forces or corrupt politicians. But we are also aware that the current policies around drug misuse in both the 26 and Six Counties has failed miserably.

Our policy passed at this year’s Ard Fheis is as follows:

“Saoradh are a revolutionary republican socialist party that seeks the establishment of a 32 County Socialist Republic. We are against all forms of oppression under the current system. One issue that contributes to the oppression of the working class in this country is the distribution of and addiction to certain substances. Saoradh understands that this is but one symptom of life under capitalism and imperialism and only by national and social liberation can we strive towards a society where individuals and communities can reach their full potential away from the misery and hardship of poverty and exploitation. Addiction and drug supply are a complex and global phenomenon. It would be unreasonable to think a political party could solve the problem but we can give our analysis and stand by people who are affected directly or indirectly and who are vulnerable and in need of support.

Saoradh call for a full, comprehensive and continuing holistic service for addicts seeking treatment when they present to the health system, with aftercare supports including housing and employment prospects. Saoradh calls for early intervention, education, awareness and prevention programmes for all young people particularly those most vulnerable and youth at risk. Saoradh supports communities in promoting healthy lifestyles, through sport and recreational activities for young people which build their resilience and help them make positive lifestyle choices. Saoradh condemns any cutbacks or closures of any of the above services. Saoradh calls for a fully functional Harm Reduction Programme for those involved in drug misuse and that this programme is fully integrated with all other relevant support services. Saoradh supports the right of communities to defend their welfare in cases of anti-social activity caused by drug dealing. Saoradh pledge to continually research different health models globally that may help inform policy here.”

Saoradh is not the polished article… yet, but we are taking our time developing our policies, like this one, and are building slowly for the long haul.
We are not just a social media page, we are spending our time travelling the length and breadth of the island, rebuilding the Republican Movement and are open to constructive commentary on our policies.

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