Saoradh Participate in Paris Events

Revolutionary solidarity continued over the weekend as Saoradh activists, Jude Macrory from Derry and Stephen Murney from Newry, participated in further debates and discussions in Paris along with independent Socialist Republican Micheál Choilm Mac Giolla Easbuig.


On Friday Interviews were conducted with media outlets and a never before seen documentary called “No-Go” was shown which was made in Derry in the 1970’s. Entertainment on Saturday was provided by Co Tyrone rebel singers Eimear and Aine Ní Ghlacaín and an exhibition of photographs were displayed in the venue. On Sunday an “Unfinished Revolution” mural was unveiled in working class Melinmontant.

During the final discussion on Saturday Saoradh’s Youth co-ordinator Jude Macrory spoke about the Crown Force harassment and social injustices facing young people in the occupied six counties. Jude explained about how our young people are being profiled and neglected by a corrupt capitalist system. Rising suicide levels and mental health issues among young people are a major cause of concern in working class communities across occupied Ireland. Many of these issues are directly linked to capitalism and British Occupation.

Former Republican prisoner, and the head of Saoradh’s International Department, Stephen Murney addressed the ongoing issue of Internment. He spoke of the conveyor belt system that sees republicans interned by remand, in many cases this is used simply to remove dedicated activists from the streets. Stephen explained the conditions political prisoners endure when held in captivity and the draconian conditions imposed on those fortunate enough to get bail. Other issues discussed included the so-called terror register and the revoking of licenses.

Stephen also outlined his role as a community worker in Newry and stressed the importance of international solidarity for anti-imperialists involved in revolutionary struggle around the world.

Micheál Choilm Mac Giolla Easbuig gave an in-depth analysis of his community background, his view of the occupation while living in the free state and despite the fact he lives across the border British occupation still deeply effected his family and community. A lifelong socialist Republican activist Micheal spoke about his use and dedication to our native tongue, the levels of unemployment, lack of industry, high poverty levels and low wages.

After listening to Jude, Stephen and Micheal many of those in attendence expressed their surprise at the situation we are currently facing in Ireland and that oppression under occupation is rife. Many were wrongly led to believe that the situation in Ireland was somehow resolved.

They were shocked to learn of Crown Force harassment, house raids, Internment, the rise in poverty levels, unemployment and the exploitation of workers. We have no doubt that those who came to listen to what we had to say now have a different, and more accurate, outlook towards the ongoing British Occupation, the oppression that stems from it and the resistance against it.

Our activism since our inception has included demonstrations of support and solidarity to oppressed nations and people around the world.

The participation of socialist republicans in these type of international events ensures that the ongoing anti-imperialist struggle is a global fight and that a victory for anti-imperialists anywhere in the world is a victory for us all.


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